We have summarized some interesting day trip destinations:


District capital Hartberg (ca. 15 km)
Historical old town, Kernstockplatz, city park, castle, Steinpeißhaus, church, romantic ossuary, "Stony river", Schölbinger Tower, Kalvarienbergkirche, Hartberger Gmoos, Oltimer Museum.


Fürstenfeld (ca. 15 km)
Known for its shopping, Fürstenfeld offers countless possibilities to shop and a lot of restaurants! Pfeilburg - sightseeing possible, medieval towers and a big open air bath!

Recreational centre

Recreational centre Stubenberg am See (ca. 20 km)
Anything a child may wish for can be found directly at the lake: Mini golf, Pit-Pat, bowling, paddleboat, Tretmobile, pony riding, children railway, apple worm, spinning cups, floating cable car, trampoline, Luna-loop, bike trails, half-pipe and much more. 


Garden castle and animal park Herberstein (ca. 25 km)
Discover the most romantic castle in styria - the garden castle Herberstein. Start a journey in the past and enjoy historical garden facilities. A varied trip destination for adults and children with guided tours, exhibitions and events...
Find more than 130 different animals from 5 continents in the animal park Herberstein - as they would live in the wild - in spacious enclosures, harmonically embedded in the landscape. Features: Monkey island, wolf area, puma rock, carnivore feedings and much more.


The Riegersburg (ca. 30 km)
One of the most beautiful castles in the world is the ideal trip destination for the whole family. Relax and enjoy history up close in one of the nicest areas of styria. 


Zotter chocolate manufactory (ca. 30 km)
The Zotter chocolate manufacturer is a stop-by well worth it, after your visit of Riegersburg. Zotter is one of the most innovative manufacturers of chocolate - more than 365 different types of chocolate are waiting for you. Discover how chocolate is made, while doing a tasting tour through the chocolate-store-theater. You could also visist the "edible animal garden" with the adventure-organic-agriculture and eco-foodbar. 


State capital Graz (ca. 60 km)
Graz is the state capital of styria and the second largest city in Austria. As a major university city, Graz was voted to be the cultural capital of Europe in 2003.